Before you start using the add-on you need to Configure the add-on, authenticate with a Google Analytics account, and then select the profile you like to use.

Republic Analytics Fig 1. Republic Analytics with bar charts

You can customize which data to display, which member groups that should be able to configuration the module, and choose between a bar or line graph. You can also customize colors and a lot of other things.

Republic Analytics with line graph Fig 2. Line graph instead of bar graph

This makes it easy to make the add-on blend with your custom Control Panel theme for instance.

Republic Analytics with a custom CP Theme Fig 3. Republic Analytics with a custom CP Theme

By installing the extension you can also choose to have Republic Analytics load as the default view when logging in to the Control Panel. The data from Google Analytics is loaded with Ajax, so it won’t delay the Control Panel load time if you’re in a hurry to do something else…

Known issues and solutions

- No data when viewing Statistics

Under some circumstances, if you have a lot of Google Analytics data, you can end up with a blank screen when clicking Statistics. This most likely means that you don’t have enough memory available for PHP to grab all the data. Try to increase your PHP memory limit and you should be able to fetch the data without problem. (You can always try with a profile with very little data and see if that works…)


Just do as you normally do when installing add-ons in ExpressionEngine 2:


Just replace the old files with the new ones:


Download “Republic Analytics (EE2)” for ExpressionEngine 2.2+


License and disclaimer

Republic Factory gives this add-on away for free under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. You can use it for free, both in personal and commercial projects, but by downloading this add-on you also take full responsibility for anything that happens while using it. The add-ons are made with love and passion, and are used by us on daily basis, but we cannot guarantee that it works equally well for you.

Support is limited depending on current work load, but if you got any questions or comments feel free to email or follow us on Twitter @republicfactory and we'll try to help you out as soon as time permits.

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